Do you want to book a House Concert with Janet?

So.. you want to book a house concert with Janet as your performer...

What is a house concert? 
A house concert is quite simply a live music performance in someone's home. You invite your friends over to watch a live show. Each of your friends donates a few bucks for the privilege. You then get live music in your home. Your friends get a personalized, smoke-free environment to hear great music. 

House concerts are a vital part of the independent music scene throughout the United States and Europe. A recent book was published about this relatively new phenomenon called House Concerts: 
"A Guide For Musicians And Hosts." 

Hosting a house concert is rewarding and fairly easy to do. Who knows.. you may like it and turn into one of those people who hosts house concerts regularly! 

Usually the host sets up an "name" for their own house concerts. 

Here are a few guidelines:

1. House Concerts must have at least 30 attendees
2. Suggested donations range from $15-20 per guest
3. Host must provide decent PA (sound system) with monitor for Janet
4. Host must provide dinner for Janet on the eve of the show
5. Host must provide a "green room" or dressing room for Janet
6. Host must provide enough chairs or seating for guests

Here is a note for hosts: 
Some hosts collect the money "donations" ahead of time, via snail mail or pay pal, or they at least make up an invite or evite with confirmation/rsvp's so there is some kind of tally before. 

Janet will perform 2 -45 minute sets of her music. Most house concerts are solo acoustic, however, depending on the location, some additional band members can be added, although the donation amount must go up for this. Otherwise, Janet will play solo. 

To set up a house concert, email Janet directly at: