Use Me Up (Original Score by Janet Robin)

How about a short film shot from the feminine perspective? How about an all female crew? 

After studying feminist film criticism, we came up with the idea of consciously shooting a film from the Female Gaze, as opposed to the Male Gaze that dominates film making in Hollywood and around the world. Written by a woman, directed by a woman, and shot with an all-female crew, this movie will truly be the work of women's hands and minds. 

Inspired by Bill Withers' song "Use Me," this short film looks at the difficulties an inter-racial dom/sub couple have winning support from their friends and family. 

Genre: Shorts
Awards: Award of Merit: Women Filmmakers
Starring: Tamar Kummel, Delpaneaux Wills, Kenny Cooper
Directed By: Dawn Alden
Written By: Tamar Kummel
Screenplay By: story by Dawn Alden
Produced By: Captain Purple Productions and Vicarious Films
Score By: Janet Robin



Traces- (Original Score by Janet Robin)

Two women meet hitch-hiking on a desert highway in Nevada with the secrets of their troubled pasts trailing close behind. 

-A short film directed by Joseph Culp. Edited, mixed, and color graded by Hughes Hall. Original score and end title song by Janet Robin.



Stories of Health (Original Score by Janet Robin)

Stories of Health- 
Millions of Americans—people just like you—have suffered because of this country’s health care system. Listen to their stories. 
Original Score: Janet Robin